Python and "real time data processing"

This application prototype deals with real-time data monitoring

  • Made with Python/ Qt it is a skelleton for human-machine interface
  • For the UI using the popular pyQtgraph for fast data plotting
  • In the real life application this setup would require additional libraries for reading specific DAQ hardware
  • This amount of data is preferably handled via ethernet connection protocol (410 Mbit/s)
  • Monitoring app description

  • It is convenient to replace hardware related process within self-generated data stream(Demo Data)
  • higher sampling frequencies..tested up to 10kHz on multiple channels generated by real HW-modules worked fine
  • moreover multiple operations within the single thread, such as FFT or signal multiplications inclusive did the job flawlessly
  • It has been tested up to 50 FFT algorithms performed per application timer step of 100msec
  • I keep the window length on 27k values per channel, which in turns gives 2 Mb of Data/Channel: which means 10Mb is shown at any moment
  • This is a demanding task for the CPU therefore it runs locally

  • UI PyQt Application